Office Space Management & Health Questionnaires

SafeSuite is a software solution that can help you navigate the complicated post-Covid19 back to work era. 

The Health and Safety of your Workplace and Employees is your Priority

Let us help you manage a safe return to work with our applications designed to help make the COVID-19 era easier


Site Surveys and Health Questionnaires

SafeSuite is an online tool that allows site managers to perform regular, daily health checks of their individual sites as well as that of employees and visitors.

Set up your site(s), upload your employee list, customize the survey questions (or use the ones provided), and you’re ready to start performing your daily checks.

Office Space Management

Ready to open up your space but need help controlling who goes in and when?

Need access to a reservation or queuing system, integrated with a health survey questionnaire?

SafeSuite can help you streamline a safe return to work in the COVID19 era.


SafeSuite Apps

Prepare for a safe return to the workplace with our applications designed to help you navigate the complex return to work in the COVID-19 era.

Accessible from desktop, tablet or other mobile device. Nothing to install, just sign in and you’re ready to go!


Health questionnaires

Assess employee readiness to access an office or work site by having them respond to surveys that you define.

Whether health or readiness questionnaires, they are fully customizable and can be adapted to meet your specific needs.


Safe Surveys

Office Space Management

Streamline your return to workplace workflow.

Identify how many spots in your office you open up, and let your employees reserve their spots.

Waitlists, group priorities and other advanced features will take the headache out of an otherwise complicated situation.


Managing A Safe Return to Work Doesn’t Have to be Hard.

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